Pregnancy Scare: Forever 21

Controversy is spreading about the Forever21 Maternity line. People are saying that it is geared towards pregnant teens and even encouraging teen pregnancy. NOT the case. I love Forever21, but so does every other women/teen that knows about it. It is not just a teen store. Women want to look good while they are pregnant and I don’t blame them. Teens have been getting pregnant before this maternity line and they will be getting pregnant way after this line. It’s ok Forever21, they have to blame the teen pregnancy issue on someone and this week it’s you. I think it is a smart move on Forever21’s part. They are trying to expand the merchandise. Hello. The media can be sooooo twisted sometimes. On the brighter side, if you are expecting at this point and time, don’t forget to check Forever21’s maternity line out šŸ™‚

DoN’t FoRgEt To SuBsCrIbE

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6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Scare: Forever 21”

  1. LoL really? Why in the world would anyone say that? The name is Forever 21… not Forever 15. And people of all ages shop there. That is such a stupid claim. Lord. But I am so excited for this line. I know that when i decide to have a baby one day, I will look awesome!

  2. I was 21 when I had my first child. I wish they’d had it back then!
    It’s ridiculous that people think it encourages teen pregnancy…come on they are just clothes!!!

  3. People are nuts! Encouraging teen pregnancy? Like the only thing stopping them was the lack of hip maternity clothes. Crazy.

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