Let’s Get Naked and Eat Vegan + Music Lover Mondays


Sooo yesterday I went to my local Ulta store to purchase the Naked Palette and the Vegan Palette. I was told that they would be in the store on August 1st. I called on the way up there to make sure they had them. The lady on the phone reassured me that they had plenty. I wanted to call first because my local Ulta is about a 30 minute drive away. I get to the store and look around for it, nowhere to be found. I asked a worker for some help and she told me that they were sold out and that all of the products didn’t come in. Ugh. Fail. Disappointment. There was noway they sold out in 2 hours. I don’t think they ever had them. They just wanted to get me to that store. Sooo I ordered them online once I got home.  NOW On to the regularly scheduled blog

Let’s Get Naked and Eat Vegan

Urban Decay is one of my favorite cosmetics. I have been waiting for these two palettes every since I saw the Fall 2010 collection on Urban Decay’s website. There are soooo many looks you can do with both palettes. I have decided to go on YouTube and round up some of my favorite tutorials for the UD Naked palette as well as the UD Vegan palette for Fall 2010.

Naked Palette Tutorials

Smoldering Silver Look by Kandee Johnson

Neutral Smokey Look by MakeupGeek

Gold Shimmer Look by BrittanyMakeup

Vegan Palette Tutorials

Smokey Blue Look

Music Lover Mondays

I am in love with Sean Kingston’s new song. It has a nice vibe and it gets you in the mood to party. Check it out!

DoN’t FoRgEt To SuBsCrIbE

LiveLove&Flutter -qbee03


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