Cutting Up with qbee03

Hey vivas! I got this cute shirt from Plato’s closet when I did an investigation on them a while back. (I’m going to put the video in this post in case you never got to see it on In the video I mentioned that I was definitely going to cut this shirt to give it a new and fresh vibe. Well today was the day. If you have an old shirt that you don’t wear a lot anymore, cut it up and give it some flare 🙂

I personally think that cut off shirts look better when the lines are ragged. Is that weird? How do you like you cut off shirts?

Me with the infamous peace sign. Yes I am one of those people that throw up the deuces in every pic lol.

Plato’s Closet Video for Reference (I keep my word lol & this still screen cracks me up/feel free to laugh, i do lol)

Click the Bee to see the vid:)

DoN’t FoRgEt To SuBsCrIbE

LiveLove&Flutter -qbee03


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