Halloween 2010: Eye Spells

Hey everyone! I am sooo excited to tell you about my new blogs coming up for the month of October.  Each blog post I do this month will be dedicated to a specific eye look inspired by something centered around Halloween. I also plan on throwing in a fun fall fashion look every Friday because who doesn’t love fall fashion? I think the word love is an understatement for me. I live for scarves and beanies, but back to the subject …. My EyE Spells will be in the form of pictures, not filmed. It is easier to get more looks out that way instead of taking the time to make videos for each look. Email me and let me know which looks you really want to see a tutorial for at. The 3 most voted for looks will be turned into tutorials that I will post the week leading up to Halloween. Soooo without further or do, I present the first EyE Spell (cheesy I know lol)

Its Purple Orange & Green !!! … It’s Halloween !!!

My first EyE Spell will inspired by this awesome Halloween party decor. From the title above you can guess which colors I am using for this Halloween look. Enjoy 🙂

Here is the EyE Spell

I hope you like it :). It is very neutral. Something you could wear to work on Halloween (if you have to work). You will look festive without looking unprofessional. Let everyone know about my EyE Spells … the more people that get to vote on different looks, the better 🙂

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