New Urban Decay :)

Sooooo from the side bar you can tell that I am in love with Urban Decay products. I got an email today about their new product which I think I am going to love. Their new product is a cream highlight product entitled Urbanglow Cream Highlight. It comes in four shades and has cute packaging. The four shades are Brown Sugar (Warm Taupey Brown), Sin (Shimmering Champagne), Moonshine (Iridescent Shimmer), and Wicked (Radiant Pinky Shimmer). I am lovin’ the Brown Sugar. Definitely going to have to make that purchase. Tell me which shade you like and why in the comment box. I always love hearing your thoughts and opinions.

Go to to watch a video introducing the new product 🙂 and come back to Vivalaqbee03 tomorrow to check out an awesome eye spell (Here is a hint for the look and video I am posting: Arrrgh!)





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