Hey Vivas! This is my very first blog challenge post. Meet my first blogger!

Who: Jai Marshall

What: Creator of The Fat and Skinny on Fashion

When: TFAS was created Jan 3, 2009

Where: South Carolina


Jai’s Favorite Outfit

This outfit photo is from


Qbee03: Why is this your favorite outfit?

TFAS: This was just something cute  and comfortable that I put on.

Qbee03: Where did you wear this outfit?

TFAS: I wore this outfit to the Carolina Blogging luncheon. It was the first time many South Carolina bloggers from different fields came together to meet and greet with one another.

Qbee03: Where are the items in your outfit from?

TFAS: Coat=Old Navy/ Shirt=American Apparel/ Jeans= Gap 1969/ Long and Lean Clogs=Charlotte Russe

Qbee03: If someone saw this picture and wanted an outfit with a similar feel, what advice would you give them?

TFAS: You can basically find these items in any store, so just find what you think is cute and fits.

Let’s see where TFAS stands ….

Qbee03: Burt’s Bees Lip Balm or Carmex?

TFAS: Carmex. I like both, but Carmex is better. Actually I like rosebalm.

Qbee03: Almond Joy or Mounds?

TFAS: Neither

Now for the Challenge …..

I was inspired by Jai’s green jacket and her brown clogs. Thanks Jai! Next Friday I will be introducing a new blogger 🙂

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