A Little Lip Action

Hey Vivas, it is officially Lip Tip Week !!!!!  Lips are just as important as the skin. Many people neglect the lips. You need to exfoliate and moisturize your lips especially since it is getting colder and colder outside. You do not have to exfoliate your lips as often as you do your face, but it needs to be done. The first post of Lip Tip Week is going to focus on exfoliating the lips. The worse thing that can happen, in my opinion, is having the perfect lip shade but cracked and unhealthy  lips. It’s just not right. The video I am about to share with you is a video by Michelle Phan. It shows you how to make your own lip exfoliator. I made my own from this video and it works great!

I only exfoliate my lips every two weeks. It really varies from person to person. I keep it in a little tupperware container in my fridge. I hate honey, but the honey in the exfoliator doesn’t bother me at all. Sooo if you do not like honey, no worries, give it a try 🙂


Here are some other products that that will help you exfoliate your lips…..

Sweet Goodmorning Kiss by POP Beauty (Ulta 18.00)/ Exfoliating Lip Gloss

Emulsion Lip Exfoliator by Smashbox Cosmetics (Ulta 18.00)/ Sugar-based Peppermint Flavored Lip Treatment

Lip Scrub by Sara Happ (www.sarahapp.com 24.00)/ Comes in Cocoa, Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon Sugar, Brown Sugar, etc.

Lip Scrubs by Lush (www.lush.com 8.95)/ Comes in Sweet Lips, Mint Julips, and Bubblegum







3 thoughts on “A Little Lip Action”

  1. I’ve never tried a lip scrub, but so curious to see if it really works! I’m just a little afraid it would irritate my lips. The ones from Lush look really sweet though<3

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