Introducing ……..

Who: Antonia

What: Creator of Swedish Love Affair

When: Swedish Love Affair was created in October 2010

Where: Sweden


Antonia’s Favorite Outfit

Qbee03: Why is this your favorite outfit?

SLA: It makes me feel both comfortable and confident!

Qbee03: Where did you wear this outfit?

SLA: I wore it on a picnic with my boyfriend! It was one of the last sunny days of the year!

Qbee03: Where are the items in your outfit from?

SLA: The cardigan is from H&M, the scarf is a gift from my mum and the sunglasses are Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Qbee03: If someone saw this picture and wanted an outfit with a similar feel, what advice would you give them?

SLA: I’d say go to second hand shops or vintage inspired stores! And wear big shades 🙂

Let’s see where SLA stands ….

Qbee03: What is the most common stereotype about Sweden?

SLA: That all Swedish girls are blond, they obviously aren’t! Also the people here are not as shy as many people think.

Qbee03: Heels or Flats?

SLA: Heels!! But I also like flats, so I think it’s really hard to choose on this one..!

Qbee03: Four door or two door cars?

SLA: I prefer four door cars, of course! I don’t really see the point of having just two doors, if you can choose..


Now for the Challenge …..

I was inspired by the different shades of colors in Antonia’s scarf in her favorite outfit picture. The purple-ish/maroon colors stuck out the most to me. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Antonia! This post was meant for Friday, but I was assisting my mother and grandmother with a wedding cake all day that day. Sooo as promised here is the picture of the cake!



7 thoughts on “Introducing ……..”

  1. Oh, it turn out so great! Beautiful! Thanks for featuring me! I wonder what products you used to create this look? It’s gorgeous, I’m so glad I participated!
    Oh, and what a nice cake, I can’t believe the three of you made it without any professional help! (or maybe you are professionals?)

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