Rocking around the christmas tree …….. + Gift Ideas

The season is here if you haven’t noticed. At any moment now you are going to be bombarded with parties, dinners, and outings to celebrate the holidays! Here is a look that is perfect for going out with friends to celebrate the holidays. You can add a cardigan if it is especially cold that night and the outfit will still be cute and appropriate.


Sequin Top – Express

Belt – Forever21

Bandage Skirt – Express

Leggings – a local dance store (I am a dancer so I always have tights handy. They are perfect for outfits like these.)

Shoes – Rack Room Shoes

Lady Bug Ring – Local Boutique called The Bag Lady

Bangles – World Market (I know it’s random, but they have great accessories.)

Black Teardrop earrings – Claire’s Boutique ( and they are clip-ons for my fellow clip-on followers)


Earlier I mentioned that I got my accessories form World Market. I know you are thinking why in the world would anybody go there for accessories. I was looking for cute pillows for my room and I just happen to find these cute accessories. Check out my video I made a while back. these stores will be perfect to find cute holiday gifts for your friends and family 🙂


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