I Spy Look-a-Likes

Hey Vivas! Christmas time is here and gift buying has begun. I have found very affordable look-a-likes that you can buy your friends and family this holiday season……

Me and my besties love love love Sex and the City. When I saw these Brian Atwood Pumps on Carrie, I was in love. They retail at 800 dollars. I have found a look-a like that retails for 26.75. The Look-a-like is by Hypnotic Parker, but does not come in the gorgeous lavender color. I found them on Makemechic.com. I love the black pair!!! I wear a size 8, but they only have a size 10 in stock. I am anxiously waiting until they restock.

The Originals …………… The Look-a-Likes

Here are the gorgeous pumps that Carrie leaves at apartment in SATC. These blue Monolo Blahnik’s retail for 925 dollars. The look-a-like by Martinez Valero “Zenith” Pump retails at 106 dollars. They look extremely similar to the original pair.

The Original ………………. The Look-a-Like


When it comes to these shoes, I wouldn’t mine getting look-a-likes if the they LOOK this good. Happy Holidays Vivas !!!!!!




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