You See Right Through Me D.I.Y.

Here it is Vivas, my first D.I.Y. So as all of you know 3D movies were a huge thing in 2010. I have about seven pairs of 3D glasses just hanging around in my room. I’m sure you have some too. I am going to show you how to turn these 3D glasses into  a fashion forward accessory. I have seen many people wearing them as shades (with the lens popped out) but that’s not really my style. I actually wear contacts and have glasses so I am not trying to rock them unless they are my prescription glasses ha ha. Here is my D.I.Y. …. Enjoy.

First things first ….. These are the following items you will need:

3D glasses

A chain or necklace


Twine (any kind of string will work, but make sure it is somewhat thick)


Step One: Pop off the sides of the 3D glasses. Be very careful. You do not want to break the piece that the sides of the glasses attach to. You will need this piece to wrap the twine or string around.

Step Two: Grab your necklace. Use the twine to hook the necklace and chain together. You can choose to tie only one end of the glasses to the chain or you can tie both ends of the glasses to the chain. Cut off the excess of the twine so that it can not be seen.

Step Three: Punch the lens out of the glasses. After applying a little pressure, the lens pop right out.

Step Five: Put your necklace on and ROCK it either way !!! It’s up to YOU !!!





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