Viva La Dia ❥

It’s OK To Go Laid Back

Today I decided to dress really laid back. For some it is very hard to dress laid back. It is important to not only know how to dress up, but to also know how to dress down – while still looking fabulous.


Today’s Look

I paired a basic teal top from NY&Co.

with a blue button down Converse shirt from target.

I wore skinny jeans with the tops to give it a more feminine look.

I also added some bangles to make the look feminine and fun.

Grab some shades for the sun !!!

You can pair any shoes with this look. From sandals, flip flops, converse, sperrys, Toms ….. the possibilities are endless. Have fun with being casual and it will become easier and easier to put together “dress down” outfits. I hope you enjoyed my first Viva La Dia (this is what I will call my outfits of the day).



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