You’re Such A Con-Artist ❥

Bodycon skirts and dresses are a staple this Spring.

Pair a colored bodycon skirt  with a patterned shirt in a basic color, such as the white and black shirt above. You don’t want to overpower the color of the bodycon skirt with a bright, over the top shirt. You want the skirt to be the centerpiece of the outfit.

To make bodycon skirts apart of your daytime wardrobe, pair it with a graphic T-shirt. Make sure the T-shirt is somewhat loose fitting so that you get the baggy affect over the top of the bodycon skirt. Throw on some stylish sandals, TOMS,  or even wedges to complete the look.

A nude toned bodycon dress creates a great background for accessories.

When wearing a bodycon dress with a bright and bold print, wear no neck accessories. Let the dress speak for itself. Some amazing earrings are all you need.

To give the bodycon skirt trend a more polished look, go for a bodycon skirt with a silk luster. It immediately makes the look very evening chic.


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