Black & Blue

♔ I just realized that I own about 6 pairs of black jeggings. It seems to be my choice of pant in the winter. I need to invest in some colorful jeans asap!

sweater/Forever21 tank/Forever21 jeggings/Forever21 boots/Wet Seal necklace/LuLus

Style Me

♔ 1 pair of jeans (Forever21), 2 pairs of shoes (ShoeMint), 4 outfits

This post shows how I style my Pauline and Jolly wedges from Shoe Mint!


The Pauline: I ordered the Pauline wedge in wine. It is important that this shoe is the statement piece of your outfit. I stuck with neutral colors so that my shoes would be the main focus.

The Jolly: I showed two different options for the jolly wedge. The colorful look and the clean/chic look. Just because a shoe has a bold pattern, don’t let that scare you away from pairing it with bold colors as well.

animated gif how to

animated gif how to

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Desert ❥ Rose

❥ATTENTION BLOGGERS ❥ I love to do “blogger challenges” to meet new bloggers, keep in touch with the ones I know, and to HAVE FUN!!! My blogger challenge is for you to create your own tribal nail look. Use the second picture as inspiration. It by no means has to look like this. Put your own spin on it! This challenge will be called “Nails Gone Wild” (kinda corny but I like it ha ha)

Steps to the “Blogger Challenge”

1. Create your nail tribal nail look.

2. Take a picture.

3. Email the picture, your name, your blog’s name, and the link to your blog to

❥ The deadline is Sunday, May 15th, by 2:00 pm EST,  HAVE FUN ❥

You’re Such A Con-Artist ❥

Bodycon skirts and dresses are a staple this Spring.

Pair a colored bodycon skirt  with a patterned shirt in a basic color, such as the white and black shirt above. You don’t want to overpower the color of the bodycon skirt with a bright, over the top shirt. You want the skirt to be the centerpiece of the outfit.

To make bodycon skirts apart of your daytime wardrobe, pair it with a graphic T-shirt. Make sure the T-shirt is somewhat loose fitting so that you get the baggy affect over the top of the bodycon skirt. Throw on some stylish sandals, TOMS,  or even wedges to complete the look.

A nude toned bodycon dress creates a great background for accessories.

When wearing a bodycon dress with a bright and bold print, wear no neck accessories. Let the dress speak for itself. Some amazing earrings are all you need.

To give the bodycon skirt trend a more polished look, go for a bodycon skirt with a silk luster. It immediately makes the look very evening chic.