Viva La Dia ❥ Owl City

Shirt: Delias/ Blazer: Gift from my great aunt (I believe its from Belks)/ Shorts: D.I.Y. Leopard Shorts (Let me know if you Vivas want a tutorial)/

Sandals: Forever21/ Nail Polish: Ulta “Limelight”


Eventful ❥ Saturdays


Forever21 Grand Opening ❥ Waited in line for an hour to be one of the first 200 in line (the first 200 got a gift card), spent 45 minutes in the dressing room line, and an hour in the checkout line ….. for the love of clothes ha ha

Ariel and Jai ( The Fat and Skinny ) at the opening

Dinner & a Movie ❥ I went to dinner and a movie with my sorority sisters and had way too much fun. I decided to go chic. Who says you have to go to the movies dressed down? I also have on heels in these pics, but my shoes definitely look like flats since I am standing on a hill :/

The Peanut Man ❥ While we were killing time before the movie, we went to The Peanut Man. This store has every candy, dessert, or yummy goodness you can think of. The store smells delicious !!!!