Pregnancy Scare: Forever 21

Controversy is spreading about the Forever21 Maternity line. People are saying that it is geared towards pregnant teens and even encouraging teen pregnancy. NOT the case. I love Forever21, but so does every other women/teen that knows about it. It is not just a teen store. Women want to look good while they are pregnant and I don’t blame them. Teens have been getting pregnant before this maternity line and they will be getting pregnant way after this line. It’s ok Forever21, they have to blame the teen pregnancy issue on someone and this week it’s you. I think it is a smart move on Forever21’s part. They are trying to expand the merchandise. Hello. The media can be sooooo twisted sometimes. On the brighter side, if you are expecting at this point and time, don’t forget to check Forever21’s maternity line out 🙂

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Fashion Trend Friday: Silly Bands? Say What?!?

If you haven’t heard of silly bands, then you must be living under a rock. Silly bands are the new trend that is spreading across the world and all generations. You can catch a 40 year old, 15 year old, and 6 year old all wearing silly bands. They are basically rubber bands that create a shape when taken off the wrist. There are silly bands in every color, shape, and size. The best thing about silly bands is that they are very affordable. A pack averages about 5.99 for 20 bracelets! If you haven’t picked up a pack you might want to. Celebrities are jumping on the band wagon also. Numerous celebrities have been spotted wearing silly bands everywhere. Silly bands are taking over! Let me know how you feel about silly bands. If you have some, let us know how many you have. This has been your Fashion Trend Friday and I hope you LiveLove&Flutter : ) Enjoy your weekend !!!

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Celebrity Thursday: The Hills Fashion Profile

Lauren Conrad: Girl Next Door Chic

Kristen Cavallari: Vixen Chic

Lo Bosworth: Preppy Chic

Audrina Patridge: Rock Chic

Whitney Port: Classic Chic

Heidi Montag: Glamour Chic

Stephanie Pratt: Boho Chic

Holly Montag: Trendy Chic

The Hills was one of my favorite shows. I am definitely going to miss it. What I really liked about the show was that everyone had their own style, but at the same time they were all trendy. I chose to do this post so that I could show you. I absolutely loved the acoustic/soulful version of  Unwritten at the end of the last show. I found a clip of it on You Tube. Enjoy!

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Viva la makeup: Sherbet Ice Cream

Hi ViVaS 🙂 This is my first post using I created this new look today. It was inspired by sherbet ice cream. I hope you like it.

The Sherbet Ice Cream Eye (Neutral and Bright)

My inspiration picture

The Tutorial

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